Brahma Kumaris Celebrate UN Peace Day in Hiroshima, Japan

  • by Brahma Kumaris
  • 09 October 2018 12:41
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Brahma Kumaris, Japan celebrated UN International Day of Peace at the Peace Memorial Park Hall in Hiroshima. More than 80 people gathered for the event. BK Rajini, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Japan shared how to maintain inner peace with the awareness of the soul and the importance of having peaceful and positive thoughts. BK Ayako from Hongkong played amazing music and BK Yuji, 9 year old Rajayoga practitioner spoke about peace and sang the songs accompanied by Ayako on the violin. .

Meditation night for peace was also held at Fukuyama BK Center. “Amazing Grace” was sung by BK Yuji, in a sweet and resounding voice. BK Rajini spoke about peace and invited the audience to think about what peace meant to them and talk in pairs about it. Sr. Mizue from Tokyo interpreted adding her valuable comments on Peace. In an authentic interview, Sr. Lalita (Kobe) asked BK Yuji about his interest in Raj Yoga meditation and his message to the audience. The event ended with Yuji singing “I believe in the Sun” which made the audience realise the importance of faith. .

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