Brahma Kumaris participate in the UN International Day of Peace at Manila

  • by Brahma Kumaris
  • 12 October 2018 14:45
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Manila(Phillipines): Members of Uni Harmony Partners of Manila celebrated the UN International Day of Peace. The highlight of the celebration was Peace Forum on Respect for Human Rights and Human Lives: ‘Interfaith Perspectives’ organized by Center for Peace Education led by Dr. Loreta Castro and Pax Christi of Miriam College.

It featured two guest speakers – Father Carlos Reyes of EPISCOPAL Commission on Inter-Religious Dialogue, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Phils; and Atty Maisara Dandamun, Latiph of the expanded Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC). Sharing from both of them upholds that concern for human lives necessarily includes concern for their human rights. The ending note focused on the importance of peace for without peace, there is no human development. Never give up on peace. Act with compassion. Act with kindness. A reflection point: What have I done to contribute to that peace?

It was great opportunity for the Brahma Kumaris representatives to meet them and share about the service activities done in the area.

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