Navratri Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris, Art Gallery Museum in Agra

  • by Brahma Kumaris
  • 12 October 2018 14:49
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Brahma Kumaris Center of Agra organised a Live Show of Goddess Durga in all Her Nine Forms, “Navadurga Chaitanya Jhankiyan” at Art Gallery Museum of Spiritual Love and Wisdom in Shilpa Gram. Young children were decorated like Goddess Sri Bhagvati Durga in Her 9 Divine Forms blessing Her devotees, were exhibited to the public who thronged with devotion and emotions to seek Divine Blessings of Mother Durga.

BK Madhu and BK Sheela both explained the audience that each form of Mother(Goddess) represents the Divine Powers she inherits, which are very essentially needed by mankind in the present world.

BK Mala, BK Darshan, BK Mamta, BK Sheetal, BK Sangeeta and BK Nanda Kishore were also present serving and guiding the devotees. On this occasion Kalash Yatra (Rally Carrying the Holy Pots of Water on Head by Women) was performed shouting slogans in praise of Mother Durga . The procession went along the Agra – Mathura Highway via Pathwari Temple and Old Market ended at Devi Temple in the city. The whole atmosphere was reverberating with devotion and festivity, the crowd was in high spirits.

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