Program for New Trainee Policemen by Brahma Kumaris, Hathras

  • by Brahma Kumaris
  • 02 November 2018 14:31
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Brahma Kumaris at Anandpuri organised a programme on “Self management and how to empower inner being.” Lessons were taught to the New Trainee Policeman at Brahmakumaris Marg, Shanti Bhavan, Hathras, (UP) Practical guided commentary was given to stay calm in unstable conditions .BK Shantha said, that the Divine Supreme God Father of all religions is the Only One. “The Owner is One still the World is divided, the truth is that: the entire World is our own Family”. After this sweet Song, the New Trainee Policemen were taught the lesson of Communal Harmony by Secular Harmony. This Program was conducted on DGP’s instructions by Brahma Kumaris located at Aligarh Road, Anadpuri Colony center on the Topic of “Self Management and to empower inner being. On this occasion, Rajyoga Teacher BK Shantha told the new Trainees in her address that, during the time of Service, we should have the same feelings towards all Religions. This happens only when we realize, that the owner of all is the same. She told that in all Religions God is worshiped in the form of a Light or a Flame. That Light is worshiped in the old culture in the form of Jyothirlingam. In Islam as Noor-e-elahi (Divine Light), in Christianity as ‘God is Light’, Sikhs as in the form ‘Ek-Omkar-Sath-Sree-Akhal-karathapurush(the only one Supreme soul). On this basis Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs & Christians are Brothers & Sisters among themselves. BK Dinesh gave the information of the benefits of the first chapter of Soul consciousness, for the new learners and said that, due to the observation of this first lesson, the qualities of Peace, Love, Joy, Purity of the Soul with the virtue of Fearlessness will come in your life. On this occasion, RTC Kamlesh Kaur, ITI Shivaram Singh, Sharif Khan, Manoj Yadav, Vikram Singh, Gajendra Bhai, BK Sunayana, RTC Kamlesh Kumar with their ITI Colleagues were present. ..

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