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  • 12 October 2018 15:46
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ARIES OCT 12, 2018: You've done a good job lately. Yes, you have. Haven't you? Be honest: You have! So stop pushing. You've gathered a whole heck of a lot of momentum and you can let yourself coast now. Not only can you, but you should. It will save gas for later on when you might need an extra push. So put your feet up and take a long, drawn-out, well-deserved breath. Give those tired doggies a rest!

TAURUS OCT 12, 2018: This morning, file all your papers and color-code all your files and if you have extra time before the coffee break, color a few papers too. It'll make it easier to find them later. (Where was that urgent 'to-do' list? Ah, yes, the canary yellow sheets.) Then, in the afternoon, leave the details behind and move on to some serious networking. Let your social self go to work at work, and you'll be pleased with the results.

GEMINI OCT 12, 2018: You spend the morning holding your tongue and making what you want to happen, happen. In the afternoon, you'll already see that the proverbial ball is rolling. That's exactly what you were aiming for -- don't be surprised if you land a strike or two. You've been training, you've got those nice comfy bowling shoes that look slick too, and you know the old lanes like the back of your hand. Maybe your team will go to the county tournament!

CANCER OCT 12, 2018: If you've been worrying an emotional issue for a while now, today could be the day (especially sometime this morning) when things clear up. Sometimes it's a sudden insight ('It isn't that they don't like me, it's that I'm insecure.') that makes everything so much easier to see. Sometimes it's harder to pin down what has changed, or why -- you just feel easier about the whole thing. And that makes everything a whole lot easier to deal with. So if things free up, take advantage of the breathing room.

LEO OCT 12, 2018: If there's somebody you've been meaning to check in with, this morning is a good time to do it. Say hello, touch base, let them know you care. Then, in the afternoon, you can devote your whole self to the project of putting your ideas out there. It takes a lot of hard work and self-promotion to make the people around you sit up and take notice, but you've got the skills, the confidence and can-do to do it. So go for it.

VIRGO OCT 12, 2018: You've got something up your sleeve this morning. Is it a plan to ask the boss to transfer you to a different department? Is it a brand-new approach to an old-fashioned filing system? Is it a plan for a surprise party? With chocolate cake covered in red and blue and green and yellow sprinkles? Just to show a coworker how much you all appreciate her? Can you fit a whole chocolate cake up your sleeve? Don't worry -- it's just an expression. Have fun!

LIBRA OCT 12, 2018: If you spend the morning putting out forest fires, rest assured that you will spend the afternoon basking in a warm, healthy glow. You've worked hard, and now you're starting to see the promise of a new beginning. That's how Mother Nature works sometimes, you know: There's a big forest fire to clear the way for a new generation of saplings.

SCORPIO OCT 12, 2018: Spend the morning taking care of the details, and in the afternoon, you can take a break from the nitty gritty for a little public exposure. Goodbye, going over grids and double-checking numbers! Hello, spotlight! Hello, press corps! Hello, publicity! Hello, mom! Yes, you could be about to make the first of several big splashes. Hello, public life!

SAGITTARIUS OCT 12, 2018: Early in the day, you concentrate on the little things. Is the report spellchecked? Are the numbers right? Does the copy machine have enough toner? Later, in the afternoon, you take the report public. It's spellchecked, it's printed out, it's copied, it's bound, and now comes the fun part: Handing it over to the big bosses. You've worked hard, and there's more to come, but enjoy this 'Ah!' moment.

CAPRICORN OCT 12, 2018: Spend your morning dealing with a few of the problems other people ask you to help them solve. Yes, you can really help, but don't stress yourself out too much (after all, these aren't your problems -- you didn't create them, and ultimately you can't fix them). Then spend the afternoon in a more public space. Whether you're running a promotional dunking booth (water tank and all) at the local mall or speaking to investors, get your message out there.

AQUARIUS OCT 12, 2018: You're a natural leader, so it's natural that people turn to you when they don't know what direction to take. But before you spring into action, take a step back. You might not have all the information yet, and this might not be a battle worth championing. If it isn't, then don't get involved. If you think it may be worthwhile, stand back and watch for a while first.

PISCES OCT 12, 2018: You aren't afraid to step out into the limelight if you think it will help you get your message across. You may not be a natural performer -- certainly, you have a shyness that folks born for the stage usually don't. But your willingness to be vulnerable gives you a public presence that people respond to. And that response is exactly what you're looking for.

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