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  • 02 November 2018 13:48
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Aries NOV 2, 2018: Like confetti falling all around you, there are many trivial dramas fluttering about -- and they're equally celebratory. Good news is everywhere today, but most of it will affect the people around you more than it will affect you -- so be wary of the green-eyed monster showing up when you least expect it. The good fortunes of others may become downright annoying as the day continues, but try to remember that good things come to those who wait, and every good dog has its day.

Taurus NOV 2, 2018: It's way too soon to tell whether or not your latest scheme is going to work the way you want it to, so try not to be too confident about it. On the other hand, don't worry too much about it, either. All the elements are working nicely together, and things are moving on their own accord -- you can't affect the situation much today (if at all). But you should see this lack of control as a good thing. The weight is no longer on your shoulders! .

Gemini NOV 2, 2018: The tiny problems you encounter today add little, if any, stress to your life. In fact, they may be welcome -- solving puzzles and making logical choices are both fun activities for you. These quandaries provide an excellent workout for that big gray matter between your ears. Gossip and intrigue into the seemingly exciting lives of the beautiful people reveal themselves to be not too terribly interesting after all. You end this day satisfied and very happy in your own skin.

Cancer NOV 2, 2018: You may look at old buildings, vintage cars and even retro furniture with new admiration today. They represent things that last and offer a classic sense of beauty. The idea of permanence is becoming more important to you than ever, so ponder this today. It could be a part of the aging process, but more likely it's a part of your slow movement toward understanding the true meaning of value. Trends and whims hold little appeal to you right now..

Leo NOV 2, 2018: The issues of today aren't really as threatening as they look at first glance. Early in the morning, keep your chin up -- maintaining a positive attitude will quickly deactivate any potential bombs. You'd be surprised how far a smile and a wave can take you. Once the petty stuff of the day is finished, turn your attention to future plans. A trip or big purchase has been in the back of your mind for a while, so why not push it to the front? Get some ideas on paper..

Virgo NOV 2, 2018: Stick to the facts today -- logic and emotionless criticism are the only way to go. Some smart folks have been telling you that you must put a piece of yourself into everything you do, but today you need to remove your emotions from the equation. Your perspective is important and valid, but it isn't relevant to what's going on right now. It may also cause you to focus on stuff that isn't important to anyone else but you. Put yourself in other people's shoes today.

Libra NOV 2, 2018: You need to know your limits today -- in love, in business, in sports and especially in fiscal matters. Your eyes may be bigger than your wallet right now. This dissonance is probably caused by your jealousy over someone else's recent purchase. Stick to your own life -- don't try to live by someone else's shopping list. Just because another person lives beyond their means doesn't mean you should. Maintain a balanced lifestyle and you'll be better off in the end.

Scorpio NOV 2, 2018: Keep in mind that it takes two to tango, so try not to take on too much in a burgeoning relationship. You're feeling confident and in control of how things are going, but did you ever think that you may have too much power? It's time to let the other person drive this partnership -- giving up some control won't be that hard. Leaving things up to them will add some unpredictability and excitement to things, and will give you some key insight into how they think...

Sagittarius NOV 2, 2018: Despite what some people you work with may think, there's nothing wrong with taking the easy way out every once in a while. As long as you can deal with the consequences of moving back a deadline or postponing some big event, then it's fine to push things off for a little while longer. Just make sure that you're not leaving anyone else in a lurch. You might even find ways to juggle a few things without any fallout. Dare you have your cake and eat it too?..

Capricorn NOV 2, 2018: Do everything you can to try new things today -- exploration is something that will provide you with the stimulation and fulfillment you've been waiting for. You don't have to take on a major international expedition or anything -- simply do things in a different way and express yourself in a unique manner. If you treat the world the same way all the time, you'll miss all those novel new paths that are waiting for you. So keep your eyes and ears open...

Aquirus NOV 2, 2018: It's time for you to stop waiting for other people to create opportunities for you. Waiting for someone to set you up on a date, pave the way for you in a new job, or provide you with a big discount? Stop waiting. Your time is very valuable, and wasting it on the unpredictability of others is a waste of money. You'll get farther -- both financially and emotionally -- if you take things into your own hands and do what it takes to get what you want. Plus, your ego will get a big boost..

Pisces NOV 2, 2018: Wherever you go today, you'll cast a long shadow -- your impact on every situation will be felt by everyone, no matter how well you know them. It's a great day to establish connections with people you admire. Your personality has a vibrancy to it that only comes once in a while -- take advantage of your potency to get stuff done. Your wit will be sharper than ever, and every story you spin will enthrall the people you're trying to impress..

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